The jockstrap, oh no…..not my boss!!

We all like a jockstrap and to me they are rather mesmerising. Once a jockstrap comes into my sight I see nothing else but those cheeks that pop out like only a jockstrap can. If anyone knows who made the first jockstrap, please let me know as I want to buy that person a drink if possible. If that is not possible I will lay some flowers, this guy deserves something, he created the jockstrap for crying out loud.


Anyway, as said, when I see a jockstrap my focus is only on that! One afternoon I was feeling a bit lonely and thought lets cheer myself up. I went upstairs, got my jockstrap collection out and picked the jockstrap that was right for the occasion, the sauna. I need a hot looking jockstrap, so I went for this one.

Sexy Jockstrap

Of to the sauna to get myself some loving and see what was happening, love how my fave jockstrap makes me feel by the way. When I say loving, it does not have to be sex per se, it can just be some attention and a chat. Anyway, after taking off my clothes, I am walking around in my Jockstrap and I spot these AMAZING cheeks bouncing up and down a super sexy jockstrap. Like I mentioned when I see something like this, then that is all I see! I started to follow this jockstrap with rather obvious movements all the way into a more private space. When I looked up and saw the guys face, my heart skipped a beat. It was my old boss, HELP! If only I had not been staring so hard at the jockstrap and it contents, this would not have happened. In the end we had a bit of a jockstrap appreciation chat and left it at that, as it felt way too awkward. Later that evening and still having my ex bosses bum and jockstrap in my mind, I suddenly thought, how come he was leading me into that room, he must have seen who I was…………….maybe next time I see him we won’t stop at chatting. Watch this space!

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