Swiss Navy, sexy they are!

When you hear the name Swiss Navy what is the first thing you think about? Let it sink in……….. Swiss Navy? I must say it wasn’t my first thought either but someone said to me, how can it be called Swiss Navy, Switzerland is not even close to the sea ,so they do not have a navy. There is no Swiss Navy, other then the lube makers of course. I wonder what the Swiss Navy team were thinking (or drinking) when they decided this was the name of their lube brand.  Swiss Navy is also not based in Switzerland. I am going to contact them to find out more about this……watch this space!

Forgetting the name for a second, I must say that I am a big fan of the Swiss Navy branding.  Have a look at this image and you will instantly get the Swiss Navy vibe.

Swiss Navy, can we join the please?!

How hot does this Swiss Navy guy look? If this is what they all look like in the Swiss Navy, then please sign me up and tell me where to go, hallelujah! So it seems to me that the Swiss Navy team was switched on when creating their lube brand. They have created their own navy that looks like hot gay men and are dripping in one our favourite lubes. Triple check!

Not only have they got the marketing right, the Swiss Navy lube itself is rather superior.  They have water based and silicone based lube, and they both last forever. Swiss Navy lube comes in a whole bunch of different sizes and the packaging is great. I like the pumps they have integrated with the design, as it makes it very user friendly. The Swiss Navy lube is see-through and within the selection available at the esmale store, you will find a lube for all occasions!

I am afraid we cannot include the hot guy with your Swiss Navy orders, and if we did have access to him we would still not share him! We saw him first!

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