Jockstrap, can you love it too much?

Over the weekend I was jogging around the park near to where I live and almost fell over when I saw this guy doing the same in a jockstrap, yes…..jogging in a jockstrap! Don’t get me wrong, I love a jockstrap and the jockstrap this guy was wearing was certainly a hot one. This opinion was hugely influenced by the fact that he looked so hot in his jockstrap, damn! I felt tempted to take of my shorts and run next to him in my jockstrap. That morning I slipped into this, great for running, Bike jockstrap.

Bike Classic Jockstrap

Bike Classic Jockstrap


I did have a slight problem, I did not really want to run next to him. If I did I would lose my view of his perfectly shaped behind working its magic in the jockstrap. Secondly I am not sure if I would feel out of place running in the park in my jockstrap. I mean, I love a my jockstrap, but can you love them too much?!


They are after all underwear related clothing. Anyway, back to the park where I was still ogling the jockstrap with its filling, a great way to start the day! After the “jockstrap” run I went back home and told my housemate the story. We discussed at length whether the jockstrap guy was just a confident cool dude or his love for the jockstrap was a bit too much! In the end we decided that if you want to run around the park in a jockstrap, you should. All you need to do is e-mail us the details so we can come and watch. We will judge on the jockstrap, what the jockstrap is holding and how you move in the jockstrap. No pressure then!


To add a visual to my experience, this is the jockstrap the guy was wearing. Slightly deferent style but I am sure it was a Go Softwear jockstrap.

Jockstrap Go SoftWear

It is these types of experiences that we love to hear! We love real life stories, especially if they include hot guys in a jockstrap. Email them to and we will post them with your approval and a potential edit.

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