Tenga, it is my new hobby!

I am a man that does not have any hobbies, but Tenga might have just changed that. The guys from Tenga are geniuses, seriously!

I am unsure who at the Tenga HQ comes up with all these ideas, but his/her mind works in a way that knows what my manhood is thinking. I used to think only I knew what my “little one” liked, clearly I was wrong, Tenga are mind readers!

Tenga, standard edition Rolling Head



Take the Tenga in the image above, it is a great one. Let me explain, normally wank toys are just gay sex toys you put your willy in and off you go, up down up down. I am not complaining but Tenga has changed this by adding texture and in this particular Tenga model, a Rolling head. The head rolls over the top of your penis whilst you are moving it up and down, it is a great feeling! Inside the Tenga standard edition rolling head are some crazy textures and nubs that make the whole experience very hot indeed. This sensation is one that I want as much as possible, which is why Tenga is now my new hobby, understood?!


Luckily for me Tenga have a great range available so my hobby will be safe for some time. They have the Tenga flip hole and a huge variety of Tenga eggs. These eggs are something else! Whoever thought of this, is one creative gay sex toys inventor! Look at this Tenga egg, marvellous!

Tenga Egg Clicker

Tenga Egg


This TENGA Egg clicker sleeve has numerous nubs, nodules and plenty of bumps that will give you incredible sensations. The Tenga clicker is only one in a series of 6. There are Tenga eggs called, Wavy, Spider, Silky, Clicker (above), Twister and Stepper. Sounds a bit like the seven dwarfs but then the six Tenga eggs.

The whole egg idea might sound and look a bit weird, but try them! They are seriously good wanking material!

Time for me to continue my hobby and I am feeling like an Egg! I think I will have a twister for my lunch. Oh Tenga, you are the one for me!

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