Penis pumps, it’s a grower!

Penis pumps have been around for some time now and there are some really clever and sophisticated penis pumps out there. Many of these penis pumps are great, especially when are you using them for penis corrections and things like that. But I also use penis pumps to get a bigger and fuller erection and not for “adjustments” reasons. So, if you are after a quick fix, and want big full hard on to start your play, then penis pumps, like the one below, will do the trick.

Penis Pumps


It is like when you go to the gym and work your muscles, that is also what these penis pumps do to your manhood. For those of you that go to the gym, you will know that just after a good workout the muscle feels and looks great. Using penis pumps, like the one in the image, will provide the same effect. Personally I get a bit of a kick using penis pumps, as there are not many things that make me feel more manly than seeing my friend in all his glory, big and proud! I must admit that I have secretly used penis pumps, surprising my conquests with my weapon. These penis pumps really have an effect! Penis pumps like this might not have a long-term effect but they can certainty brighten up the night! If you want a recommendation for penis pumps that are great for adjustment, I would suggest reading this and find out which one is for you.

We would like to find out what you use penis pumps for, as it will help us finding penis pumps that we know you will have an interest in. For me, penis pumps can also function as gay toys to have fun with on your own. I have a vibrating one, which besides giving me a great big boner also provides me with stimulation and lots of pleasure. Like a Fleshjack or Tenga but slightly different, penis pumps really are multipurpose!

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