Lube, mans best friend.

Cock toys, anal toys and all the other gay sex toys in the world would be a lot less pleasurable without lube.  Lube is the lotion that makes it all slide and glide just the way we like it!

I have a selection of lube myself. I use a different lube for anal sex with toys, anal penetration and I also have special lube for when I have a wank. Three different types of lube to keep me going at any time. There are plenty of great brands out there like Liquid Silk and Swiss Navy, but for this blog I would like to highlight ID lube, and specifically, ID millennium.

ID millenium lube


For those special occasions that you have planned to have some anal pleasure, make sure you get lube to match the occasion. This lube will take your sexual experience to the next level. This lube is made by using super high quality silicone and it glides over your body parts like a luscious tropical oil, giving it a super sensual and sexual feel. Essential accompaniment to indulgent sex, decadent massage and play in the bath or underwater!

Here are some lube stats:
• Premium quality, superior performance
• Silk light and super smooth
• Guaranteed never sticky
• Doubles as a beautiful “oil free” massage lotion
• Ultra long lasting lube
• Super concentrated lube – a little goes a very long way
• Clear, odourless and condom friendly

If all this was not enough there is another element that elevates this lube over many others, if applied first it stays active even underwater. Millennium is also great for massage and leaves your skin feeling fantastic!

Here are a few question users have asked:

Can I use ID Millenium lube with condoms?
Yes, you can use this lube with condoms.

Can I use ID Millenium with toys?
No, silicon lube should not be used with gay sex toys. It degrades the silicon in the gay toys.

How do I wash the lube off, as it is water resistant to a degree?

ID Millennium lube can be washed off with warm soapy water.


So this highly recommended lube could be a good addition to your collection. If you would like more information please email us at

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