Douche, we have had a tester!

Today it is all about the Colt Shower Shot douche. For me, the douche isn’t in the category of gay sex toys as such, more something to pave the way for other gay sex toys, not that they can’t be fun though!

Before the Shower Shot Douche, I had the standard ‘Anal Douche’ which sort of does the job, but can be a long and sometimes awkward process (fill, douche, repeat, repeat, etc…). This Shower Shot Douche is something else entirely – it makes the process fast and very easy, with great results each time, which is what I am after.

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This Shower Shot douche it straightforward and practical rather than spectacular. The fittings are a standard sized screw fit at both ends of the standard shower hose. I must say that I have not used the provided hose yet as it works brilliantly on the existing hose. As for the gay dildo / douche thing, it’s made of a semi-firm semi-transparent rubber. It is hollow and can be entered practically flat with enough of a squeeze. Once inserted it will keep its shape. It’s penis shaped, and size wise, I’d call it medium to small. If you are new to anal toys then you might think this douche is a bit of a squeeze. The gay dildo is covered in a few tiny holes all over the length and head. The water comes out from everywhere, providing a great result. We love this douche!

The Shower Shot douche certainly does the job. After a preliminary clean with a soapy finger I move on to the Colt douche. To add the entering I would suggest using some lube on the douche. I like Swiss Navy. After it is in, flick the shower switch on the taps to ‘on’ and off you go.

Since owning the Colt douche I have had many moment of enjoyment, cleaning my bum. Having the gay dildo in the shape of a penis certainly adds to the imagination.

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