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Esmale are dedicated to bringing you not only the best gay sex toys out there but also information and help in giving you confidence in the bedroom. Next up in our series of blogs around the subject of penis enlargement and penis exercises, is one of the best and most effective penis exercises, called the Bundled Stretch. The article below will hopefully address some of the basics and steps involved in these  penis exercises.

Before Beginning the Bundled Stretch Penis Exercises

Whether you are having trouble with penis size gains or if you just need more penis exercises to add to your routine, the Bundled Stretch may be for you! The bundled is one of the most intense manual stretches/penis exercises you can use, which targets the entire penis length and penis girth at the same time.

These Penis exercises are for a person who has some penis enlargement experience. Only attempt these penis exercises if you have at least 2 months of penis exercises behind you.

Now, you might be wondering “What is a bundled stretch?”; Simply put: you rotate your penis to “bundle” it up, and then proceed to stretch your penis as you normally would with a manual stretch. This places stress and tension on your tunica as well as your suspensory ligament of your penis while performing manual stretches.

What does the Bundled Stretch Do?

These penis exercises were designed to specifically target the tunica and help deform and augment the tunica, hence causing tissue expansions of the penile shaft and thus gains in length and girth. Length gains for hard gainers come from the plastic deformation of the suspensory ligament. Performing the bundled stretch penis exercises will stretch the tunica length-wise as well as girth-wise, by doing this, you increase the raw tissue mass of the tunica in all directions.

By performing these penis exercises over a long period of time you will increase the tissue mass of the tunica through plastic deformation, which allows the augmented tunica to hold more blood before reaching it’s limit upon a one-hundred percent erection.

How to Perform the Bundled Stretch Penis Exercises

Performing the bundled stretch is easy. It’s very much like wringing out a wash-cloth, except your penis becomes the wash-cloth. You twist it a certain amount of rotations, or half rotations in one direction, perform the stretch, hold the stretch for the given amount of time (e.g. 30 seconds) and then repeat the bundled stretch technique in the other directions.

Step 1 Kegel a little, so your glans fills up with blood, and grab your penis with one hand so you can bundle.

Step 2 With that hand, twist your penis to the desired number of rotations that you are going to be stretching with. You are twisting your penis very similarly to how a corkscrew is, twist it! You don’t bend or push, just rotate it and maintain your grip.

Step 3 Secure a grip while bundled just under your glans as you would for any other stretch, and gently stretch your penis so that you feel resistance.

Step 4 This is an optional step in the bundled stretch, but you can make an upside-down “V” with your free hand, and then put the “V” at the base of your shaft and pull towards your body, so that your hands are pulling away from one another.

How many rotations can I do?

If you’re just starting out with  the bundled stretch penis exercises, then the safest thing to do is a half rotation. This would be when your frenulum is pointing up to the ceiling. This is the best way to start out safely with bundled stretch penis exercises, and will allow you to build up bundling stamina so you can achieve more rotations.


What does the bundled stretch penis exercises, isolate/work?

The bundled stretch penis exercises, isolates the tunica and stretches out the ligaments that are attached to the pubic bone. This way of stretching targets the shaft and tunica in an almost 3 dimensional fashion, stretching the entire penis in all directions. This is why it is not to be performed without completing a full 90 days of penis exercises.


Why do I feel soreness in my legs after bundled stretch penis exercises?

When you bundle and then stretch, just the action of bundling spreads the tension of whatever stretch you’re doing over a larger area at the base, but it is still working your penile suspensory ligaments.


Are there any other stretches/penis exercises I can perform while bundled?

Yes! You can do a whole host of other penis exercises while you are bundled! These include doing a bundled A-stretch going upwards or downwards, not to mention any sort of fulcrum, being any object placed next to shaft to create a directional stretch.

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