From the makers of Liquid Silk lube!

Liquid Silk has been a lube we have been championing here at the esmale offices. If you have used Liquid Silk yourself then you will know why. It is a great lube to use when you are “helping yourself”, playing with gay sex toys or when having penetrative sex! Beside that, Liquid silk lube comes in 2 great sizes:

Liquid Silk, 250ml

Liquid Silk, 50ml


After the success of Liquid Silk, they must have thought we can do this again but with a different brand. And you know what, they can! From the Liquid Silk gang I introduce to you a new lube called Maximus:

Maximus, from the Liquid silk factory


So what has this lube got different that Liquid Silk does not have, well here are the official stats:

Maximus is also a water based lube like Liquid Silks, but with high glycol content. This helps retain any naturally occurring moisture and makes the lube even longer lasting. Maximus is formulated to be bio-static, which means that should it be exposed to any bacteria, yeast infection or fungal spores it will stop them spreading. This makes it a perfect lube for anal toys or anal penetration, as well as all other forms of sexual contact.

So there you go, the new Maximus lube seems to be an improved version of Liquid Silk, in the sense that it stops spreading bacteria. Personally I am still in the Liquid Silk corner, I prefer the actual lube colour of Liquid Silk and because I am careful and clean with anal toys and anal penetration, I do not have to worry about the bacteria factor. I have not yet tried the lube and might change my mind.

If you have tried it and have an opinion on Maximus lube or Liquid Silk, please e-mail us at

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