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Anal toys can be so much fun. Most people might have the association that anal toys are a bit extreme, and some might go as far to say that anal toys are a bit of a fetish. I must disagree with both, as I believe anal toys can be included in any bedtime fun. Anal toys can be used very gently. If you look at the anal toys from Aneros, you can find a great prostate massager which you can easily introduce to your playtime without it being an issue for a partner. These types of anal toys are there to add to your experiences!

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Anal beads are along the same line as a prostate massager, in terms that they are anal toys that can gently be introduced into your play! These are all gay sex toys that are not as intrusive as some of the products available at esmale. The main thing to realise is that there are plenty of anal toys to enjoy without it having to feel like a taboo or a no-go area. Once you have enjoyed the smaller anal toys, like a prostate massager, you might find yourself ready for larger anal toys. How about a proper gay dildo? Even a gay dildo can come in a size that you can either “handle” or feel more comfortable about introducing to your partner. Can you imagine asking your partner if he wants to use anal toys, and you bring a 15 inch gay dildo to the game! Some might say, “bring it on” but plenty would run a mile! Start small, and I would suggest a butt plug might be a good way to break the ice.

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So try these anal toys, and use plenty of lube. It should be a fun way to start anal play. Discover what it is you like and you might be surprised. Big is not necessarily better, promise! We will let you find that out by yourself. Just make sure you have fun whilst using all the anal toys you like!

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