www.esmale.com was launched to fill what we feel is a gap in the market and provides a discreet and comprehensive service to anyone wanting to buy a range of products which can be used by the gay community, essentially the male. It is the website’s intention to be at the forefront for the provision of both gay sex toys but also for the exchange of views and information within the gay community.
The internet in recent years has made the World one small marketplace and has given everyone access to the latest news and information. Our website will take advantage of these factors to ensure the gay community is kept abreast of the latest products and the most up to date information.
The twenty first century is thankfully one in which individual freedoms are enshrined in its very being; however that does not mean that everyone has not also got the right of privacy and it is our aim to cater for the liberal yet protect the private. As a result the products you buy will be sympathetically packaged so that only the sender and the recipient will know the contents. We agree with you that we can take pride in our sexuality but that does not mean we want everyone to know every last detail of our lives; it is a completely normal human thing.
We are more than happy to provide our whole range of products for customers from all over the World, and we feel confident that our prices will be extremely competitive no matter to which continent we are sending our products. Our sources of supply are all sympathetic to the competitiveness in the market place and that is reflected in our offers to our customers.
With many years in the industry, we are certain that we provide the best quality product available, whichever gay sex toys our client requires. With the latest tenga developed originally in Japan and refined after its first introduction we know we will have satisfied customers.
www.esmale.com is totally non discriminatory with many of our products having both a sexual and medical value. Our range of penis pumps can be purchased through the site and we welcome comments from customers to ensure we provide a comprehensive a range as possible. We do not expect anything to slip through the net but we are open minded enough to research anything that comes our way.
We also market a range of liquids for lubrication and douche techniques remain central to our philosophy. We cannot stress enough that we are ever conscious of the importance of hygiene and all the products we market come with simple instruction manuals as to their use and the maintenance of their cleanliness. We fully endorse the industry’s desire to make health and hygiene a top priority and again we would welcome any comments and suggestions you may have about any omissions from the manuals you find with the products.
We cannot emphasise enough that in www.esmale.com we wish to create dialogue with all our clients. If a client merely wants to share experience or raise concerns about anything, this website is here to help. The blog facility is there for an exchange of views and we have a simple registration procedure to receive our newsletter on a regular basis which we will ensure provides good and relevant information whilst not overloading everyone on a daily basis.
Our delivery service of all the products whether tenga, penis pumps or whatever will be quick and efficient. We look forward to hearing from you and fulfilling our promises of efficiency, speed and competitiveness. And please feel free to use our blog to ask whatever questions you like.
We look forward to a long and happy relationship with all our clients

Best wishes
The www.esmale.com team.

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At esmale we are all about male sex toys that are essentially for men! We offer the best toys directly to your door, discreetly packaged and delivered to wherever you are in the world. esmale is a community where we share information about male sex toys and anything that is related to sex toys for men and having fun in the bedroom with yourself or a partner. We have many years experience in the male sex toys industry. This means we have the best contacts and are able to offer you the best brands at great prices!