Ever wondered what the incredible hulk’s knob looked like?

A simple, classy, quality hand job – just how I like it!
This ‘no thrills,’ masturbator is a simple yet super effective stroker! It might not look like much to look at but let me tell you it offers superior gratification.
This is an exquisitely textured, super-stretchy male masturbator with over one hundred nodules to satisfy even the most demanding wankers! Providing incredible sensations while the no-slip grip keeps the toy in hand.

Love at fist sight
When presented with this toy, the first thing I noticed was that is an open-ended masturbator (it doesn’t matter how big your penis is, this toy will fit all sizes). Made of super stretchy material, this sensual stroker can accommodate any size between 1 and 3 inches in diameter.

Often used as a substitute to supplement the usual hand-shandy or as a stand-alone masturbator. This toy is made of elastic CyberSkin designed to feel just like the palm of your hand, this toy is perfect for solo use or on a partner.
Made from CyberSkin makes this masturbator easy to clean, plus the hole at the top is large enough that once you explode it will keep all spillages to a minimum. The 5.5 inches of length takes every inch of you and stimulates in a way you never thought possible. Plus, it’s waterproof, perfect to use in the bath or shower, perfect and for all of you who can’t stand the sight of your own mess!

On your marks, get set, GO!
I like it slick and slippery and let me tell you this toy is virgin tight so before you start, don’t forget to pop a generous dollop of lube inside. This toy is designed with your needs in mind, it is easy to hold and release when required so you can adjust the pressure and stimulation easily depending on your how you like it.

Cheap as chips
For the price, I must say I can’t think of a better, more reliable stroker than the Emerald Hand Job Stroker. It’s simple, classy and quality. Three things I enjoy in any sex toy.

5 Reasons To Buy The Emerald Hand Job Stroker

• Slip this masturbator into your foreplay mix!
• Made from CyberSkin for an incredible, life-like feel and texture.
• Cheap quality (if that makes sense).
• Use it in the shower or bath.
• Ever wondered what the incredible hulk’s knob looked like? Wait till you see this.

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Emerald stroker Male Masturbator

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