Penis pumps magic!

This web blog is called ‘penis pumps magic’, but really the magic only came at the very end, in fact there was no magic to start with at all.

I had heard guys talking about penis pumps and how good they were. One guy claimed to have grown 3 inches by using penis pumps. I thought, I’m going to have myself some penis pump therapy and grow my penis a few inches.

Penis Pump






Well……my first penis pump experience was rather painful and a bit, how shall we say, swollen I guess is the correct word. There are many types of penis pumps out there and I decided to go with the air compression type. Air penis pumps are absolutely fine but personally I would recommend water based penis pumps.

Anyway, back to the bedroom where I was sucking the air out of my pump and waiting for it to grow and grow! After some time I had a good look at my penis and it looked rather swollen and red, not a good look! I took it out and it was painful and looked like a red blown-up sausage that was in no way ready for action. Stupidly, I did not read the manual, as it looked so simple, and I thought, how hard can it be? In fact it is rather simple, but I was way too forceful and aggressive using it. I guess I wanted it all right there and then. A juicy big fat penis to challenge the Eiffel tower!

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Now that I have learned my lesson, I have used air compression penis pumps, water based penis pumps and my favourite, vibrating penis pumps. My penis is in serious good shape and is providing me with plenty of magic and a great deal more confidence in myself.

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