There’s a new Tenga on the block

The new tenga Flip-Air Lite combines the simple to use size of the tenga Deep Throat Cup with the easy-to-clean and drying innovation of the tenga Flip Hole.












This latest invention from tenga features specially designed air-locking technology, allowing the user to customize the experience so every time you use this toy it creates a unique suction effect each time you use it.

Depending how often you use it, each time you press the button it sets the silicone elastomer mold to the shape of your penis, once you release it the mould holds it’s place. Pressing the button again will release the air, and the mold returns to its original jelly like state. It’s soft; it’s got more great textures that wrap snug round your penis. And it looks so elegant sitting next to my iMac.

It still has all the things we love about the tenga range, discreet and very sexy to name a few. The tenga Flip-Air Lite measures 6.00 inches long, 2.5 inches wide and 2.5 inches high, and can accommodate up to 4.75 inches of girth.

My only issue… Unlike it’s counterparts, this toy does make a lot of noise, whilst it looks discreet, this little beauty sounds like it is gagging, and not in a good way. Each time I thrust my penis in it returned a wet, weird squishy noise. So a word of warning, make sure no one is home, shut the windows and turn the radio up!

Maybe I’m exaggerating – if you don’t mind a little noise this is a hot masturbator. It’s big enough to grip but small and discreet enough to take away on holidays. Just like the Flip Hole this clever design makes cleaning very easy. Go on; don’t just take my word for it – get yours today.

5 Reasons To Buy The tenga Flip-Air Lite

  • It’s a tenga, so you know this is amazing.
  • A smaller, more convenient version of the tenga Flip-air.
  • Its special air pocket allows you to customize the experience each & every time.
  • More great textures and special effects.
  • Some guys like a bit of anal blowback. Ha!

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